Thursday, February 22, 2007



Problem:I feel that the climate change is going a very slow and time consuming process but is effecting us more then people think.
Evidence: There are gases being put into our air that is beginning to cause a greenhouse effect in our atmosphere.
Contributing Factors: The reason there are gases being put in the air, is because nof humans
Thesis: People need to being to change the way they do things and the way they live their lives because its not only effecting them but its effecting everyone else in the world. We all need to work together to make a difference.


Everyday people see and do things that add.
For example, the top ten highest temperature years have all occured since 1990's. During the 1990's the surface temperature of the earth raised 1.2-1.4 degrees F. Since 1970 the sea temperatures have increased and average of 1 degree, resulting in 50% more tropical storms and hurricanes. Some say that hurricane Katrina was a result of this increase in temperature. If a rise in sea temperature continues, glaciers will melt and the sea level will rise resulting in climate changes and dangers for the coast. So far, 890 cubic miles of glacier ice has melted, so we know that this is happening. Carbon Dioxide is normal for our atmosphere, but the norm for it is 180-300ppm. Right now there is 380ppm of CO2, that is 25% more. This increasement of CO2 is a major contributing factor to the rise in temperatures.

Contributing Factors-
Humans are the largest leading cause of climate change in the world according to scientists.We do things that significantly add to the amount of gases that cause the greenhouse effect and make our temperatures rise.For example, everyday activities like watching tv, turning on a light, driving a car, and using a microwave omitt greenhouse gases into the air. Some of these activities include the buring of fossil fuels and biomass to make them run, these result in releasing aerosols that emit more heat into our climate.


Humans can do a lot to decrease the number of harmful gases and fossil fuels in are atmosphere. And if we all do enough we can stop these fossil fuels and make a better climate.

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