Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 5: Climate Problem and Solution

Problem:The Climate change is the largest factor resulting in the earths ecosystem which is the biggest problem today. Climate change is the biggest problem we are facing in todays ear. If climate change continues at the rate it has been since the industrial revolution, it’s just a matter of time until it starts effecting societies and the human race.

Evidence: Some evidence of climate change is the fact that
glaciers in the northern hemisphere have been melting at an amazing rate, causing ocean levels to rise. There has also been a 30% decrease in water currents flowing from the tropics to Western Europe, causing temperatures to drop. There is also twice as much carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, than there was before the industrial revolution. There have been holes in the O-zone layer that might have raised the temperature on earth’s surface and allowing dangerous amounts of ultraviolet light from the sun, into the earth’s atmosphere.

Contributing Factors: The factors that cause climate change are caused by humans. Also a big contributing factor is the CFC gases in the atmosphere that are hurting the O-zone. Another factor is all the garbage that we bury in landfills instead of disposing of it correctly. Automobiles and other fume emitting mechanisms are probably one of the biggest contributing factors because they are constantly releasing toxic and harmful chemicals into our atmosphere.

Possible Solution: We could start to recycle more and be less wasteful. But probably the thing that would help prevent this problem from getting any worse would be to inform others of the problem of climate change and how they can help, because knowledge is the best tool that humans have to fight problems of this magnitude. It will take everyone on the planet to help fight the problem, that’s why we need to unite everyone to fight this problem.
We could use more fuel efficient cars and use less electricity in our houses. We could use solar power instead of electricity and electric cars instead of gas.

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