Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Article #8

Toward a Theoretical Model of Women's Body image Resilience
Author: Laura Hensley Choate

This article talks about how women take so much time, money and energy that they spend on beauty enhancements can restrict her opportunities to develop other aspects of her identity. And how almost 70% of models in the last 10 years would of not done it all over again.

Article #7

Risk Factors For Depression in Early Adolescence
Author: Angela R MacPhee and Jac J W Andrews

This article talks about more the depression stages that young women and women go through when facing the model industry. And how much Anorexia plays as a role in their lives. Because once they start they say its too hard to stop. Also 65% of women have to go into therapy because of the depression they face throughout their careers.

Article #6

Orientalizing Sexism: Hye Rim Lee's Toki
Author: Barry King

This article talks about the television, fashion, and images of women in magazines who are all 13 percent to 19 percent below their recommended healthy body weight. And how the percent are increasing every year more and more. And more women are dying from anorexia each year. And how all the advertising industries are advertising a sick and unhealthy body image.

Article #5

An Image to Heal
Author: Jill S. Zimmerman

This article talks about how women try so hard to become a model and have such an image that some want to get rid of but many cant. And how so many models are is therapy and hospitals to try to get their life and health back on track. The article is also about an interview with Cindy Crawford and how she is so scared for the women and young girls in our decade today. And how they have a bad image already that is too difficult to conform.

Article #4

Our Bodies, Our Daughters
Author: Jill S. Zimmerman

This article talks about a women and how she works at a clinic for young women specializing in body image and eating disorders. She says how in this 20th century young women are in danger and are hitting a major burning point. Because they don't see what a womens natural shape is suppose to look like and all they see now is the popular media purveyors and the message they promote which is unrealistic thinness equals sexiness, which equals beauty, which equals success in life.

Article #3

Do Thin Models Warp Girls' Body Image?
Another: Nanci Hellmich

This article is about a former Victoria's Secret Model, Frederique Van Der Wal. And how she attended a designers show and was "shocked" to see how skinner they have gotten in the last year. She also talks about how this is an unnatural thiness and is sending a terrible message to send out because most of the viewers are young, impressionable wome. The Fashion industry is pushing a dangerously thin image to young girls and women. The Fashion industry is pushing a dangerously thin image to young girls and women. Seeing thin models plays a role in causing Anorexia. But in a different model show, the director banned all thin models because the show was to project beauty and health. So they organize models within a healthy weigh range.

Article #2

You Think This Is A Glamour Job?
Author: Stephanie Theobald and Lanie Goodman

This article talks about young girls and the lives they once had to the lives they now have to live if they want this so called "GLAMOUR" job. They saw that when your a 15-year-old girl, all you should need to be worrying about is eating milk shakes and chicken nuggets. But as a 15-year-old model, your food should only be a green salad, tomatoes, melons and grapes...or nothing at all. Because to be a model you need to be skinny and fit and if you eat milkshakes and chicken nuggets everyday, you will be far from a fit and skinny body. The article also talks about how designers are drafting even younger girls and how dangerously scary their body image will start to begin.