Monday, March 19, 2007

For the Spring Break of 2007 I unfortunately didn't go any where but Oakdale. I was suppose to go to Florida but it didn't work out so i couldn't go any where; but theres always next year. =] I did have fun though. I hung out with my very best friend Dana Christine Prawer every single day! We went shopping, tanning, on squirt gun fights and watched movies. We also made an amazing snow fort at her boyfriends' Sam Richard Ryan's house which got ruined and we turned it into a wrestling rink! My favorite part was going to the Mall Of America and buying my prom dress!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Problem Solution Essay At Tartan

Drugs at Tartan:

State The Problem:
Dealing drugs during school, doing drugs before school, and doing drugs during & after school.

Give Evidence:
Drug dogs at school caught people with drugs in lockers, people asking me if i want to buy drugs, people telling me their high and they get high before and after school.

Examine Contributing Factors:
I think peer pressure is a huge deal because people do drugs and sell drugs because people are telling them to. But others do it because thats what they think they need to do to survive. Also i think the T.V., magazines, movies, etc. have a huge part because it forces people and makes them want to do it more.

Propose A Solution:
I think we need a system at school where we all need to be checked from head to toe and we should all go through those metal detectors. Also i think they should go through our purses and back packs because maybe that way people wouldn't have dugs at school.